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4C helps leaders align their selling
and marketing strategies.

Turning information into actionable
insights and more consistent results.


We turn information
into actionable insights.

No matter how complex, we have the capabilities
and experience to help move you forward.


We help increase leaders awareness
and leverage their best strategy.

Executive Coaching for individuals and management teams,
assisting them with their most persistent business challenges.

About Us
4C Consulting is a Consulting and Coaching Company

4C Consulting is centered around accelerating the Growth and Development of leaders and their organizations, through Executive Coaching and Consulting. We are curious about you and your business, and how we can help you align your behaviors, decision-making and strategies to achieve the growth you desire.

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Our Intention
4C Consulting Consulting growth profitability company

4C Consulting engages with leaders to make their company’s growth more reliable, facilitate the continued development their leadership teams and help them execute their business plans with greater confidence. Typically, organizations are growing or shrinking. Unless your company has become unmanageable and unprofitable, growth is preferred since it offers options.

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Our Approach
Business Consultant Philadelphia

Our approach is simple and effective. We take the time to get to know our customers, what they value, what their goals are – both business and personal – and what success means to them. It is our goal to help expand possibilities for our clients, while working within the parameters they set.

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Let’s team up to put the best solutions in motion for you and your company.
Executive Coaching

Effective for furthering both Performance and Development, Executive Coaching has proven to be transformational for individuals, teams, and companies. Organizations with employees who are coached effectively and frequently improve their business performance by 21% compared to those that don’t. Safety, trust, and accountability are at the heart of coaching.


Managing Change

The successful adoption of new initiatives is a fundamental organizational capability and an essential leadership competency in thriving companies. It is estimated that as much as 70% of change initiatives fail. 4C Consulting works with leaders to help them prepare their firms for change, gain commitment from key stakeholders, and build in capacity to significantly improve the likelihood it takes hold.


Growth Strategies

4C Consulting’s purpose is to help companies and their people grow and flourish, so that they can live the lives they want and leave the legacies they intend. Growing well run organizations provides leaders with a degree of pride, satisfaction and security. However, the growth and profitability of a company is not an end in itself.


Alignment Audits

Organizations frequently start out with a clear Purpose and Focus, in addition to committed leaders and team members. By necessity things change, companies grow and internal needs are different. External market demands shift. The types of changes executives encounter are endless. This is where misalignment begins.


Data Driven and People Focused, For Growth

Increased Visibility

4C is a data driven consulting company. We breakdown and analyze information to provide increased visibility of Growth and Development activities, customers, and target markets that can be acted on in meaningful ways. We are at our best when we can also help our clients pursue their aspirations. We focus on working with owners of closely held businesses and their management teams helping them align their Sales and Marketing initiatives.

Sales and Marketing

4C is a consultancy centered around Strategic Sales and Marketing and Change Management. We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve reliable and enduring growth. Contact 4C Consulting if you would like to team up with us to review your current Sales and Marketing initiatives, highlight missing elements that you may want to consider, assess their degree of alignment, and map out a prioritized plan on how to achieve your goals.

Channels and Markets

4C Consulting has found that getting and remaining clear about target markets, characteristics of primary customers, and managing relevant sales and distribution channels is fundamental to establishing and retaining vital go-to-market strategies. Company leaders are charged with monitoring each of these strategic elements, ensuring that they are aligned with one another in ways that foster ongoing growth.

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    Our purpose is to help people and companies to grow so that they can live the lives they want and leave legacies they intend.