4C is client, strategy and values centered.

Helping leaders practically apply innovative approaches to growth.

4C is client, strategy and values centered.

Helping leaders practically apply innovative approaches to growth.

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4C Consulting has helped businesses by developing tailored approaches to growth. Add to your success st4C Consulting helps people live and lead with fewer regrets.
We work with successful leaders, teams, and companies that are committed to
becoming even better.
Add to your success story in ways that matter most to you..

“4C Consulting put into motion some things my team and I had been unable to accomplish on our own. By increasing our awareness of ourselves in relationships, our individual and team needs, and frankly, just getting to know each other, we built greater psychological safety into our leadership team, establishing genuine trust among team members.

I wanted my team to realize unmet needs (e.g., opportunities), and we got so much more. Rob’s wisdom, thoughtfulness, humor, and willingness to listen and learn from us ignited our leadership group discussions beyond expectations.”

Program Manager of an Information Solutions Group, Fortune 500 Company

“Rob helped me become a better C.E.O.”

Non-family C.E.O. of a family business in Industrial Manufacturing, Engineering, and Service Company

“I felt seen and heard. He gets me. Throughout our coaching, I gained greater acceptance and confidence in myself and my approaches and took ownership of how I show up in relationships, both personal and professional. He helped me bring what I wanted to fruition.”

Principal Engineer IT Project Manager for a major Telecom Provider (A private coaching client)

“Before engaging 4C Consulting, we would have said we were a highly functioning team. Still, the newfound base of trust and personal understanding we’ve achieved is paying immediate dividends in contract growth through leadership development, and it is only the beginning.

I attribute the addition of $1.5 million of recurring annual revenues secured by my ‘non-sales team’ directly to our work with them.

Investing in ourselves through 4C will benefit us and, most importantly, our clients for years.”

Program Manager of an Information Solutions Group, Fortune 500 Company

“You have helped me immensely. Others may not always feel that way at the firm because I have become more demanding and direct. The firm is going to be in a better position in the future because of your coaching.

Thank you very much.”

Principal and Managing Partner, Full-Service Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Firm

“Rob was a great asset to us. He helped change our marketing strategy and create new opportunities. He helped us recognize that we could make meaningful changes, at reasonable costs, in ways that allowed us to continue operating within our budget. I would recommend Rob to any company looking to reposition their company and grow sales.”

C.E.O. of an Industrial Products Manufacturer

“We engaged 4C Consulting to assess the viability of some non-traditional Sales and Distribution Channels to expand our market, help us grow and fend off competitors. They took the time to really get to know us, how we operate, what our priorities were, before proposing solutions. The process was a good one. We look forward to working with them again.”

Principal and Co-Founder of a Disruptive Distribution Company serving the Manufacturing Repair and Operations Market

“I have known and worked with Robert for almost 30 years. There are very few people that I hold in such high regard when it comes to dedication, integrity, business sense and organizational skills. Regardless of the situation, Robert has an extraordinary ability to identify a client’s needs, embrace their challenges, and drive toward efficient and cost-effective solutions.”

C.E.O. of a full-service integrated Building and Development firm, a Family Business Enterprise