We'd love to help answer your questions.

Our Most Frequently asked Questions.

We'd love to help answer your questions.

Our Most Frequently asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

4C has hands-on experience working in and for highly successful start-ups, growth companies, and mature companies seeking reinvention and renewal. We understand what it is like and have insights to share.


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Why should you engage 4C Consulting?

We firmly commit to supporting you, your team, and your company. We draw on our experience in business, relevant education, and ongoing Training and learning to advance your success through Leadership and Team Development, Executive Coaching, Strategy Consulting, Facilitation, and Training.

How do you determine if 4C Consulting is the right fit for you, your team, or your company?

Our engagements rely on trust, fit, and accountability. These elements have made us a successful Leadership and Team Development company. We have found it best to listen to you to get acquainted, understand, and comprehend what you want. Only then can we determine approaches that meet your needs.

What can you expect from an engagement with 4C Consulting?

We tap into and amplify your inherent Courage, Curiosity, and Creativity. Together with you, we take the time to hone in on what makes you, your teams, and your company successful and identify what you can add or remove to make you better. Our engagements invariably include increasing the psychological safety for you, your teams, and your organizations to increase collaboration, innovation, and commitment.

What specialty services does 4C provide?

In addition to our focus on Leadership and Team development, 4C specializes in Executive Coaching, Legacy Mindset Coaching and Consulting, Reimagining Men’s Leadership, Strategy Consulting, Managing Change, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Helping people live and lead with fewer regrets.

We provide Executive Coaching to individuals and teams focused on development and performance. Please visit the Executive Coaching Section of the Services page for the types of Coaching that 4C and its affiliates provide.