We'd love to help answer your questions.

Our Most Frequently asked Questions.

We'd love to help answer your questions.

Our Most Frequently asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

4C has hands-on experience in start-ups, growth companies and companies experiencing extreme distress. We understand what it is like and have insights to share.


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Why should we engage 4C Consulting?

Our commitment to supporting you and your company. We focus our proven track record of success in business, consulting and coaching, combined with relevant education, training and ongoing learning firmly on your success. We provide approaches that are practical, innovative, and aligned with your needs and values.

How do we determine whether 4C Consulting is the right fit for us?

Our core components are focused around Trust, Fit and Accountability. These relationship components make us a successful Consulting and Coaching company. The best way is for you to enter into a dialogue with us to get acquainted, determine if we are compatible, and decide if our approaches align with yours.

What is the difference between Consulting and Coaching?

Both are focused on improving alignment, performance and development. However, consulting is advisory in nature and frequently involves data collection, analysis, implementation, and change management. Coaching is more inquiry focused, drawing out client insights and holding them accountable for how they conduct themselves in relation to their commitments, responsibilities and values.

Does 4C Consulting engage in implementing Sales and Marketing tactics, in addition to its strategic work with clients?

Yes, we collaborate with clients in implementing Sales tactics in ways that are aligned with their strategies and values. Frequently we will involve or refer you to our tactically focused affiliate partners.

For Marketing tactics we either refer work to our affiliates when appropriate, work with a client’s current vendor, or source the appropriate vendors for a client as needed.

Tactical services provided include Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media for Promotion and Recruitment, E-mail Campaigns, Content Writing and Editing, Video, and Call Center Services.

What types of Coaching does 4C Consulting provide?

The Coaching we provide is focused on improving the overall performance and development of Executives of all functions, including Sales. Please go to the Executive Coaching Section of the Services page for a more complete list of the types of Coaching 4C and its affiliates provides.