Fostering modern leadership strategies for men.

Helping men lead with vulnerability and compassion.

Fostering modern leadership strategies for men.

Helping men lead with vulnerability and compassion.

by Robert Hackman

Reimagining Men’s Leadership

4C’s purpose, helping people live and lead with fewer regrets, informs everything we do.

4C Consulting specializes in helping men reimagine and grow their leadership.

We recognize the masculinity model that mandates do-it-yourself principles, not asking for help, winning at all costs, unwavering certainty, and never showing weakness.

Men pay a high price for adopting this ethos; physically, emotionally, and relationally. They inspire less trust and commitment, and their leadership suffers – a lousy combination.

4C helps men tap into fuller versions of themselves, enabling them to work collaboratively with confidence, expanding their influence rather than restricting it. Instilling the awareness in men that when they trust others, they inspire trust in return.

In our extensive experience, even if men do not subscribe to the ethos of traditional masculinity in many ways, they are afraid to challenge it or extricate themselves from it.

We support vulnerability as a vital leadership competency. Honesty and openness elicit vulnerability from team members in a virtuous spiral that increases safety and fosters collaboration and innovation.

4C helps men move from mindsets of power over to power with, enabling them to foster the trust, commitment, collaboration, and innovation they seek from their teams and companies.

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Better Alignment, Better Results.

Item of Interest

Regardless of the ratio between men and women in the room, unless the percentage of women is more than 75%, three-quarters of the speaking will be done by men. Men interrupt women significantly more than other men, between 33-75% more. Men are credited more often for the same ideas than women. Men who reimagine their leadership learn to address these and other inherent challenges outside their awareness.

For Your Consideration

Brené Brown’s research on men revealed three mandates of masculinity in western culture. Never show weakness, which extends from expressing one’s full range of emotions to asking for help or showing vulnerability. Do not be like a woman, worded as don’t be a p**sy. Don’t be gay (equated with the feminine). These imperatives significantly influence how men show up and lead, whether they buy into the mandates or not.